About Molten-Lamar

Molten/Lamar approaches architectural design with individual attention to a client's lifestyle, vision, and needs – foremost, recognition of the need of clients to express themselves and their ideas in the project design. Architecture is a collaborative process – collaboration between Richard Molten / Dick Lamar and each client on a particular project. Capturing a project's essence, valuing clients' input, and being sensitive to time and place has helped the firm shape truly original designs for residential, adaptive re-use, and commercial clients alike; clients appreciate this attention to their values, in both the process and the completed project.

At Molten/Lamar, architecture designs grow from a deep understanding of the regional traditions of the southeastern United States. Both partners, natives of South Carolina and graduates of Clemson University's College of Architecture, recognize the particular requirements of our climate and our rich architectural traditions. Attention is given to outdoors spaces, terraces, and porches to extend living spaces to the outdoors. Careful siting, deep shading overhangs, along with key design elements respond to the environment and climate for structures that are easier to heat and cool. From the design of solar houses early in his career, Dick Lamar has continued his interest in energy-conscious design, using this depth of experience in sustainable structures today, earning credentials as a LEED AP.

An architectural style is not imposed but grows from interpretation of the particular circumstances of the project and client input. Project success comes with creative reaction to the project requirements resulting in a special structure and a particular "sense of place." Molten/Lamar's commitment to sustainability and contextual design has produced extraordinary residential landscapes throughout the Southeast and inspiring designs for scores of satisfied clients, many of whom have returned to repeat the experience in a subsequent structure.