Residential / Single-Family

Equestrian Farm

This 5000 square foot house is part of a larger complex consisting of: stable, cottage, carriage house, and equipment storage for a 50-acre horse ranch. The total complex is organized in an informal, but interwoven fashion on the rolling site.

The size of this rural piece of property allows the house to open up to views of the pond and woods, without loss of privacy. To take advantage of the pond view and southern exposure, all living spaces and the master bedroom are organized in a linear fashion along the slope. The living areas and master bedroom accommodate the owners on the lower level while college-age children and guests are on the upper level.

Large windows and sliding glass doors allow all parts of the house to overlook the pond, while giving access from the major interior spaces to a screen porch and decks. The overhanging roof blocks the summer sun while allowing the warming winter sun into the interiors of the house. The organization of the plan and open, spacious interior are well-suited to the active, outdoor-oriented owners. The natural wood exterior trim continues through to the interior and forms the common denominator of the otherwise diverse collection of spaces.