Half-Moon Outfitters

Half-Moon Outfitters, a local retailer of outdoor recreational gear and clothing, wanted to relocate their Columbia store to increase square footage and improve customer parking. They located an existing retail building that needed renovation to accommodate their operation, and to imprint their corporate identity to the structure. Green, energy-saving features developed in earlier facilities (daylighting, efficient HVAC, efficient lighting, local materials, etc.) were included in the renovation. Also included in the project was a custom-fabricated "solar tree," an array of solar panels, to produce electricity for the building. Glazed overhead doors were added to open the retail spaces to outdoor patios for display of recreational equipment and the easy flow of customers. Heavy reclaimed wood beams, also a corporate aesthetic, were used in custom-detailed awnings over the overhead doors and windows, as well as in the support column and canopy of the new prominent entrance.